Kelly Limberg

Welcome to my online studio!

What are some of your favorite memories from childhood?  For me, I remember spending endless amounts of time outside. I was fascinated with the dandelions, ladybugs and, my favorite, the roly-poly bug. I had an imaginary fort under the large willow tree and still vividly recall trying to create all sorts of things from it's branches and leaves.

On the rainy days I would spend time in the garage, which was where my father had his woodworking business. I'd watch him work away, building cabinets and various parts for custom staircases. Sometimes he would even let me help sand or stain a few pieces. No doubt, this is where I developed my appreciation for craftsmanship.


Growing up I continuously worked on creative projects in a number of different mediums. However, it wasn't until my mid 20's that I was introduced to the world of metalsmithing. It was my last year as a painting major when I signed up for a metals course. Initially I was overwhelmed, but that didn't last long. I loved working with the material. I had always seen metal as so solid and inflexible. Learning the methods to manipulate and create new objects was enchanting. By the next semester I had switched my major, and in 2011 I received my BFA in Jewelry & Metalsmithing from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.

  Jewelry Workbench

Today I live in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan. As an adult I still find myself easily fascinated by a random leaf on the ground, the fronds of a fern, or a stray feather in the grass.  While my art work progresses over time, there always remains an underlying connection to the natural world and wildlife.  

My goal as an artist is to create jewelry and adornments that evoke a deep connection to nature, along with a great appreciation for craftsmanship.   ~ Kelly Limberg

Handmade Wedding BandWork in progress Kelly Limberg

 If you enjoy my nature inspired creations then take a moment to enjoy the imaginative, detailed drawings by my husband, at JasonLimberg.com.