I am fascinated by the natural world, especially the night sky.  My goal as an artist is to create jewelry and adornments that evoke a deep connection to nature, along with a great appreciation for craftsmanship.
My designs are typically inspired by subjects I'm passionate about or triggered by something beautiful I've found while exploring the north woods. I hand fabricate every piece of jewelry individually, no two piece are exactly alike.

Kelly Limberg Jewelry & Studio

To begin my process I start with a preliminary sketch, then continue to fabricate individual components which make up the final work. Usually this requires me to cut the designs from metal sheet, then file, form & solder every element together. Once the design is formed, I begin to clean & polish the surface. The finishing details are what makes my work stand apart, as I take a great care to see that the overall craftsmanship is of the highest quality.
When wearing my jewelry I hope it creates a sense of pride, knowing that an artist has put their heart into creating a timeless piece for you to treasure. 

I began my journey into metalsmithing after an intro to jewelry & metals class during college.  At the time I was studying painting and drawing, and honestly I initially felt overwhelmed by the studio equipment & materials. That all changed quickly and by the end of the semester I had switched my major to metalsmithing. 
Prior to that class, I had thought of metal as a cold, solid and inflexible medium. Learning the methods to manipulate and create new objects was enchanting. In 2011 I received my BFA in Jewelry & Metalsmithing from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.

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If you enjoy my nature inspired creations then take a moment to check out the imaginative, detailed drawings by my husband, at JasonLimberg.com.