My Journey into Jewelry & Metalsmithing

My Journey into Jewelry & Metalsmithing

Like many artist I've always had a creative side. However, for me the path into an art career wasn't always clear. When I was young I remember loving to paint, work with clay and create anything with my hands.  As I approached high school my art interests were always there, but the logical side of me question what type of career I could find in art.  In my early twenties I worked several clerical and cooporate jobs to find that it was definitely not the direction I wanted to keep going.  So at the age of twenty three, I was off to college.

Initially I began down the path of Art Education, but the intensive studio classes were where my heart was at. So a year in, I decided to pursue a painting/drawing major.  It wasn't until I was in my final year of painting/drawing studies that I took my first jewelry and metalsmithing course.  I had been putting off the class as I was intimidated by the idea of a metasmithng studio and heard from many that it the most time intensive course.  Well of course I immediatly  fell in love with it.  The entire process of taking a simple idea, designing on paper and turning it into a tangible object really captivated me. 

In 2011, I graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Art from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. Since then I have been working full time creating my own jewelry and metalwork.  I currently work out of my home studio located in the country side near Marquette, Michigan. 

Oh and for fun, here are a couple of the pieces I created during my college years...

Heart Door Knocker - Hand Forged & Fabricated

Copper Heart Door Knocker

Ornate Copper Magnifier - Handcrafted

Ornate Handcut Copper Magnifier 

Shell Pocket Magnifiers - Copper & Enamel

Shell Pocket Magnifier Set

Kelly Shinabargar - Limberg

In the studio at UWM.


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