Tips for Finding Your Ring Size

Tips for Finding Your Ring Size

Getting ready to order a ring, but not sure of your size? Here is a helpful guide on finding the proper ring size. 

There are many ways to find your ring size, however they are not all equal.  You may have come across a downloadable ring sizer that you print out at home and cut to then wrap around your finger.  While this method may be helpful and will work for some, it is not necessarily the most accurate. 

My number one recommendation is to stop on in to your local jewelry store.  It's free, only takes a couple minutes, and you'll have someone there to guide you if you have any questions. 

Another easy way to get your size is to order a plastic ring sizer. The adjustable plastic ring sizers are accurate and super convenient.  They are only $2 and you can reuse them over and over.  I have them available here: Ring Sizer

The envelope has easy to follow instructions printed on the side.  What I like about the multisizer is that you can wear the sizer around for a few hours or take your size throughout the day.  This is helpful because our fingers tend to swell at certain points and you can make sure you find a size that works best overall. 

Here are some things to look for when finding your size:

  • Take your size when your hands are warm, not cold.
  • Make sure the size can just slide over your knuckle.  You shouldn't have to work to get it over the knuckle.  Also, once on the ring shouldn't be too loose that it shifts around. 
  • Remember if you are ordering a band that is 5mm or wider, you may need a larger size as wide rings will fit more snug. 
  • Comfort fit bands have a rounded inner profile which make them feel more loose and many people prefer a smaller size when ordering this style band.  It is best to go to a jewelry store and ask specifically what size you would need in a comfort fit. 
  • Keep in mind each finger will be a different size, and you left hand may not be the same as your right. 

Reusable Rings Sizer $2

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