Custom Curved Band for your Engagement Ring

Custom Curved Band for your Engagement Ring

Your engagement ring is probably one of those things you can't risk losing.  While I prefer having the ring in hand to work from, I understand not wanting to mail it in.  Instead I have made some instructions on how to trace the curve of your band, so all you need to mail me is a strip of paper. 
Here's a link to order a custom curved band.

First, find some thicker paper, cardstock works well.  Then cut out a 1 inch by 5 inch strip. 

Step 1

Now take the strip and give it a little curve by wrapping it around something like a chunky marker.  Don't curve it up to tight, just adding curl to the paper. 

Step 2

Step 3

Then, with your paper tube gently snug it inside of your engagement ring. Try keeping it a tight fit. Also put the paper end on the bottom of the band, not under the curve area. 

Step 4

Now hold the paper and ring to keep them from moving, and trace the outside of the band. Hold the paper still while turning and get both sides. 

Step 5

Step 6

Your strip should look something like this. For good measure, do this one more time and send me both strips so I can get the best tracing. (For reference I also prefer one or two photos of the engagement ring.)

Step 7

Custom Band with Ring

Custom Order Curved Band with Ring

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