Unique Silver & Gold Birch Cuff

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An eye catching and beautiful handcrafted piece of jewelry.
As with all of my work, I personally design and handcraft every element of this Silver Birch Cuff.

The design was inspired by the pattern and texture of the birch tree, with it's fascinating layers of bark.
Each cuff will have it's own unique qualities. 

After sketching out the design I use sheets of solid sterling silver to create the cuff. The design is hand cut with a jewelers saw and then accents of 14k gold are inlayed to the silver surface.
The surface is also textured with a special hammer. Bezels are then soldered to the cuff and I set a small tiger's eye stone in each one.

The most intriguing part of the birch tree is the way strips of it's bark naturally peel away, so to embrace that I riveted additional layers of silver to create a layered aesthetic.

The cuff measures 1 1/2 inches (40mm) tall and will be made a standard 6 inch length. 

All orders ship gift wrapped using USPS.