Tie Bar with Textured Strip in Silver, Copper or Brass

$ 35.00

A unique tie bar handmade with a textured strip.

This tie bar is handcrafted from 18 gauge metal sheet. Choose between Copper, Brass or Solid Silver.
Shown in silver & copper.

The piece is hand cut with a jewelers saw and then I use a hammer and chasing tools to make a textured strip.

The tie bar is available in two lengths:
Standard - measures 1/4 inch wide by approximately 2 inches long.
Skinny - measures 1/4 inch wide by approximately 1 1/2 inches long.

As with all things handcrafted slight variations may occur.
While all pieces are treated with a wax sealer, please keep in mind that metals will naturally tarnish over time.

All orders are gift wrapped and ship USPS.