Thin Black/Gray Silver Band - 3mm Wide

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A sleek silver band that has been handcrafted out of silver and given a dark oxidized finish. 

I handcrafted each ring using solid silver sheet. 
The edges of the ring are lightly smoothed and the ring has been given a liver of sulfur patina which gives it the dark gray/black finish.

The gray/black patina on these rings may vary in darkness.
**The dark finish does wear away, revealing the natural silver tone of the metal.**
The patina is a dark coating on the surface, which wears away with exposure to abrasion and/or chemicals, so it will not be permanent. Depending on the wearer change can occur in days, weeks or months. Many people prefer the individual character of the patina changing with them. 

The ring measures about 3mm (1/8 inch) wide. 

The ring will be made specifically for you so please leave your size when purchasing. 
The band is handcrafted from argentium silver.

The ring comes gift wrapped and ships USPS.