Matching Wedding Bands With Personalized Inscription

$ 160.00

Wedding bands handcrafted for the both of you!

I will create two bands, one for each of you.  
One thicker band and one thinner band.  
Also I will hand stamp an inscription of your choice on the inside (can typically fit up to 20 letters).

Both bands will be made with a hammered outer surface. 
The thinner band measures about 4mm wide, and the wider band measures about 6mm wide. 

The bands are handcrafted from argentium silver.
Argentium silver has the same content of silver as sterling but is formulated to be more tarnish resistant and is also made from recycled silver. 

When purchasing please leave the following information for me:

- Ring sIze of thinner band
- "Your Inscription" for thinner band
- Ring sIze of thicker band
- "Your Inscription" for thicker band

Rings will ship USPS with insurance and come gift wrapped.