Leaf Earrings Handcrafted In Copper

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I love nature and this pair of Handcrafted Copper Leaf Earrings are a little way to capture some of it's beauty. 

I hand-cut the leafs out of thin copper sheet and gave them a slight twist. They have a swirled finish that follows the direction veins of a leaf would. A heat patina gives them the extra red glow with a purplish tint at the edges. 

The copper will continue to change color over time as that is natural for a heat patina finish, and every pair will have a different coloring due to the process. Earring colors will range in colors from dark purples, blues, reds and oranges.  

*The pair available are shown with the solid copper ear wires and hang roughly 2 inches long.
They are lightweight and very comfortable.

All orders ship USPS and come gift wrapped. 

As with many of my items, I only create a limited quantity.