Bark Textured Silver Band / Promise Ring - Thin

$ 90.00

A bark textured silver wedding band / promise ring made just for you. 

I create this band from solid argenitum silver, and use a variety of techniques to create a bark like texture. The silver I use is responsibly sourced from recycled silver. 

Select your finish, from dark to light. 
**The dark finish does wear away, revealing the natural silver tone of the metal.**
The patina is a dark coating on the surface, which wears away with exposure to abrasion and/or chemicals, so it will not be permanent. Depending on the wearer change can occur in days, weeks or months. Many people prefer the individual character of the patina changing with them. 

The band will measure roughly 3-4mm wide. 
A wider version, and a matching couples set are available in my shop as well. 

The ring will come gift wrapped and ship USPS. 

Please make sure to leave your US ring size when placing your order.