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Spring 2015 ~ Nature, Custom Wedding Bands & Necklaces Posted on 16 Aug 11:43 , 0 comments

Happy Spring

  The transformation from winter to spring is always so marvelous. This was the first spring my husband and I have been at our new house. We have been keeping busy with several outdoor projects, one of which is clearing a walking trail through the woods on our property. A couple weeks ago as we were clearing, pulling out fallen branches, and trimming a path, I looked down and noticed a partridge nesting just steps away from where we stood. She was so well camouflaged it was luck that I spotted her at all. Do you see her in the photo?  We left her undisturbed and I just peeked in on her today, she's still there tucked in the leaves. Hopefully we will get to spot her little ones when they arrive.

In the Studio

   While I could find a million distractions outside, I have been getting some good things done in the studio. Recently I had a couple of fun, yet completely different commissions.  The first was a  pair of custom wedding bands. I was super excited to create the bands which used some new design elements that I have been exploring. His band was crafted from solid silver and given a dark patina. Her band was made with silver and rose gold. Both bands were detailed with a wrapping wire pattern.

The other commission I completed was a bit different from my usual style as it was for an entirely functional design.  A solid copper hair comb and pick. It was quite a chore cutting through such a thick gauge of metal with a jewelers saw! The piece finished nicely and was a great change of pace.

The 100 Day Project

If you have been following my work on facebook then you may have seen The 100 Day Project I recently completed. Basically participants committed themselves to explore a creative idea for 100 straight days.  Each person set their own goals and agenda. For my project I worked on developing and fabricating some more involved designs.  In the end I had created the three pendants pictured below.

There were many other individuals that participated and shared images of their projects. Check them out here:  Or maybe you want to be involved in a future 100DayProject.  If so you can find more information at the website

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